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404 error page redirect is not working

404 error page redirect is only executed if you CLICK on any invalid link on any of your client website. It will not work if you will try go to any random / non existing website directly by entering it's address to your web browser. Due to technical reasons it will not work if you visit any domain which was already deleted.

To test how this error page redirect system is working you need:
1. Setup 404 error page redirect URL from YouHosting administrator area -> Configuration -> Configure Redirections section.
2. Find any website that has any invalid link.
3. Click on that invalid link on your client website and then you will be automatically redirected to the URL you have specified from administrator area.

Additional information:
In order to protect from possible infinite loop (where your master domain would start redirecting to itself), error pages for master domains must created from master account control panel -> error pages section. 404 error page redirect will not be triggered if invalid link will be clicked on master domain website.