Reseller Hosting Plans

For how long free plan will be available?

Our free plan will be available forever. We do not plan to discontinue it anytime.

Why it's all free? It looks too good to be true!

We earn from VIP upgrades and it completelly covers our costs so we are able to offer free services for everyone.

If I choose your free plan will you put ads on my client websites?

Never! All websites you host are under your personal control so you decide what to do with them. We will never interact with your hosted websites.

Do you accept clients from all countries?

Yes all countries are accepted! However we have a small list of "high risk" countries that have a very high fraud/abuse rate: Nigeria, China, Morocco, Russia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey. Clients from these countries will be automatically limited to 500MB disk space, 5000MB data transfer and 1 MySQL database per account. This high risk country list applies only if you provide free web hosting. If you provide paid hosting, we do not have any restrictions for that, all your clients from all countries can enjoy your paid hosting plans.

Will anyone know that I am using YouHosting?

It's almost impossible because this is truly a white label solution. You can setup your own private name servers, such as,, your clients access control panel at, MySQL host name is, etc.

Can I really enable SSH for all my clients? Even for my free hosting clients?

Yes, all hosting plans supports SSH web console.